When #Employees Run-a-Muck

DSCN0025What do you do when your employee, who after confirming more than once that she would return to work at the end of her maternity leave does not; and then not only does she not return but gives less than two days notice? And, days later, you learn that she went to work with a former partner that she vehemently said disgusted her throughout the working relationship.

I was confused, not because she was not coming back, I figured that out months ago, anyone who repeatedly volunteers information that isn’t requested is up to something; but that she gave so little notice to go work with people who gave us so many headaches. Problem or Opportunity?

Already in the early stages of strategic planning focusing on talent recruitment and development, I quickly rendered this an opportunity and lesson learned. An opportunity to start over with someone who will be more suited for my small and growing organization, who appreciates and respects the environment in which they are working, and who truly wants to be where they are. And my lesson learned? To really listen to and trust my gut and rely on professional wisdom to make the best decisions right down to requesting that employees return their keys before going on an extended leave.


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