Be Inspired by a Quote! #blogboost

Quotation Marks

My recent favorite quote – “When I stand before [the Lord] at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, “I used everything You gave me.”  by Erma Bombeck

When I first read this inspiring quote in a colleague’s email, it was a part of her signature, I thought, “how freaking inspirational!” This quote precisely defines my one true motivation – to use every bit of talent I have, inhale every single breathe deeply, commit passionately, and devour every moment as if it is my last (still working on this one) but more importantly to not let any precious gifts go unused.


Ultimate #Blog Challenge – Share a Photograph #blogboost

In Reach Inc Selfie with GOW Paca1415

This is one of my favorite photos this year, a selfie with sixth grade girls in my Girls of Worth Afterschool Literacy Club. When I look at pictures that I am in with my students, I am immediately and pleasantly reminded of why I enjoy the work I do so much. Even when the funds are low or I have had the craziest day, seeing a picture of my students always brightens my mood and keeps me focused.

Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

File Apr 07, 1 48 41 AM

So I decided to participate in a 30 day ultimate blog challenge during the month of April to get myself in a regular blogging routine. However, so far, I have not done much of anything for the blog since posting recaps from sessions at the #AFPFC last month. I realize that I am more likely to commit to blogging when I have something big to focus on i.e. capturing notes at a conference and perhaps leading up to an event. I also realize that I have to make time for it. Monday through Friday, I am consumed with work, ALL day. In any event, I am committed to blogging #Problem/or/Opportunity regularly because I have a lot to share.

I know I want this blog, my personal professional blog, to focus on the nonprofit sector particularly leadership and fundraising. And although my experiences as a nonprofit executive will drive the content, I will not limit myself to just these areas. So for now, the ultimate blog challenge has my attention.

#afpfc Successful Utilization of Volunteers During a Campaign


Presenters: Susan Pyro and Ashlyn Sowell

“We, as staff, come and go but volunteers and other supporters may stay.”

The presenters walked through a Campaign Case Study in a higher education setting

Key Question
How do volunteers feel ownership of or responsibility for your organization?
~Have a timeline
~Test your preparedness (for a campaign) involving top volunteers and leadership i.e. via a hosted volunteer leadership summit for input

The campaign focused on 5 main priorities:
1. Annual giving
2. Engaged learning
3. Scholarships
4. Faculty support
5. Global Pavilion

~Campaign Planning Committee: primary responsibilities included volunteer structure,  communication, time table
~Campaign Steering Committee: tasked with how to incorporate external input, started with preliminary outreach,  hosting special events to help organize – still in private planning phase
~Campaign Executive Committee: high level oversight group. Focused on four areas: qualification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.
~Campaign Leadership Committee: a special committee involved in campaign special events important to educate volunteers, have elevator speech, and to get their commitment to the campaign

Always provide updates at each meeting on how doing at that time in campaign.

What can volunteers do
~Peer screening, put list in front of them, ask who they know
~Review language constantly
~Recruit volunteers from the great ones currently have,  (volunteers sign confidentiality statement)
Goals and priorities reinforce messaging – calling, using a list to encourage people attend

What staff could do
~Bears most of responsibility
~Share info with to keep updated

“Greatness takes action!”

~Be aware of pitfalls and successes
~Ask for input and respond accordingly
~Try to remember the inspirational factor for the campaign and social activities for volunteers
~Assign volunteers a mentor to keep engaged, be sure volunteers are on board, be aware of cliques

Remember, campaign is a marathon, not a sprint.