This is why I stay up late!


On the eve of the start of the AFP International Conference in Baltimore, not only am I reviewing my schedule for the next day; but, also reflecting on all that has lead me to this point. 2014 was a whirlwind for my small nonprofit. We elected an entirely new board of directors with the exception of one returning besides me, we moved into new office space, I hired the organization’s first full time manager of programs, was selected to host a full time Americorps VISTA partner engagement specialist, added three part-time afterschool program facilitators, gained three new partner schools, worked about 60 hours+ per week, and managed to have one week of vacation.

In all of that, I did not spend nearly enough time fundraising, something I actually enjoy. I did however make it a priority to join AFP having not been a member for several years. I thought this could kickstart my move towards less hours of doing everything to focused hours of doing what I must now, with so much growth, do best for In Reach, diversifying our streams of funding, writing, and building partnerships/relationships. Being able to do the latter well has contributed to the longetivity of my small shop.

So here I am on the eve of what I am already claiming will be an educational, inspring, support network building and perhaps the most important conference I will attend this year.


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